Ochodzita 895 m above sea level, - vewpoint, Beskid Śląski is charming in any weather, after the rain always comes the sun, and the mountains are spectacular. In every season the views of Ochodzitej are wonderful!

Memorial Chamber of Maria Gwarek - The Lace Museum

Cottage on entrenchments - Gallery of Art and Regional Culture

Cottage in Koniaków

Skiing near the inn– Ski Ochodzita

Hiking trails

Hiking, biking and walking trails, signposted nordic walking routes


* zetknięcie granic Polski, Czech i Słowacji - contact of Polish, Czech Republic and Slovakia borders,

Kawulok cottage
Museum of painter and graphic Jan Wałach
Ecological Education Centre
Museum of the Istebna Spruce
Roman Catholic Church dedicated to Good Shepherd
St Joseph Church on Mlaskawka
Kukuczka Gallery
Gallery "Under the Angel"
Highlander Chamber of Jakub Gazurka
Memorial Chamber of Jerzy Kukuczka
Memorial Chamber Kamieniarz- Kubaszczyk
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Istebna
Church dedicated to the Exaltation of the Cross in Istebna- Kubalonka
St Bartholomew Church in Koniaków
St Peter and Paul Church in Jaworzynka
Church dedicated to Our Lady of Frýdek on Trzycatku
Museum of artist John Żyrka
Museum on the hill
Konarzewski Family House

It is worth to see also: White Wisełka Valley, Forest Castle in Milówka, Worek Raczański, Castle of the President of Poland in Wisła, Ski jump dedicated to Adam Malysz in Wisła, Park of Surprises in Ustroń, Brewery Museum in Żywiec and many other nearby attractions.