Ochodzita Inn

Open daily. Every Sunday plays a highland folk band

Our highlander inn is located on the slopes of Ochodzita, in Koniaków Pietraszyna, on the main road Laliki - Wisla Koniaków. It is a beautiful mountain tourist resort in the southern part of Silesia, a very picturesque at any time of year, situated among the mountains of Beskid Slaski in the commune Istebna. What's most interesting Koniaków is not located in a valley, like most of villages, it lies on mountain pass at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level, therefore it is different, unusual, magical. Koniaków along with Istebna and Jaworzynka creates the so-called Beskidy Tri-village. Thanks to the unique landscape qualities and rich living culture, this region ranks among the most attractive in Poland.

By the sounds of highland melodies serve regional dishes:

- oscypki
- potato pancakes
- buttermilk
- artisan rye bread
- prażuchy with cracklings
- "koniakowski juice"

and others, diverse Polish dishes, prepared by a team of experienced chefs. Stoneware dishes and traditional costumes of our service, contribute to create a special atmosphere of this unique and enchanting place.